Financial Education Programs

The term 'Financial Education' has come to be associated with a number of different ideas, programs and courses. Financial education encompasses everything from teaching children and young adults how to plan, budget and track their spending to educating adults on the best ways to invest as well as revisiting those fundamental skills in order to reign in spending and achieve financial goals. As a result, there is wide variety of financial education classes people can choose from that are offered locally, through national businesses and organizations as well as online options.

Most local programs are offered directly through schools for current students as well as auxiliary courses for local adults. High schools and Community Colleges are especially likely to offer these courses near or around Tax Time as many adults find themselves suddenly struggling and in the right frame of mind to critically consider – and fix – their financial standing.

Some national companies also offer specialized courses in financial education. Many banks, brokerage firms and other financial institutions are happy to offer free courses on different styles of investing, how to best utilize a revolving line of credit or other, more complex, aspects of money management.

Finally, there are courses which are available online. Once again, various financial institutions and online colleges offer a wide array of financial education programs. The US government also offers help to those struggling to figure out their financial picture and the FDIC launched their program, 'Money Smart', in 2001 and since then has helped more than 2.75 million people to manage their money more effectively.

Financial education courses are available through a number of different outlets. Local courses can help with both fundamental and more complicated issues and online courses offer the greatest accessibility. With all of the options available, there's no reason for anyone to struggle with financial problems or questions on how to better manage their money. The proliferation of these programs and the help they can offer make financial education more accessible than ever before. These programs can help everyone from children to adults and can offer a way for people to learn not only the fundamentals of money management, but how to make the most of breakthroughs in industry, management and money growth.

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